Marketing Playbook

Pinpoint Your Marketing Needs With a Personalized Roadmap to Your Digital Marketing Plan

If your business has worked with a digital marketing agency before, you may have been presented with a lot of digital marketing jargon without many explanations about the services you’re actually paying for. At Local Pointer, we believe in full transparency for our services, which is why we’ll begin your marketing journey with a free marketing playbook that outlines your marketing needs with a comprehensive, personalized roadmap.

There’s no risk or obligation in claiming your marketing playbook; you won’t have to commit to any of our services to get your playbook.

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What Is a Marketing Playbook?

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Our marketing playbooks are designed to provide a complete look at where you currently stand with your digital marketing approach and where you can improve. We’re not trying to inundate you with graphs, stats, and jargon that doesn’t have any real value. We’re also not here to judge your business if your marketing strategy needs some work or your website is out of date—after all, most small business owners aren’t marketing professionals or web designers!


We’ll break down the exact marketing strategies you can benefit from and the reasons these will offer value to your business. We understand that small local businesses don’t have endless marketing budgets, so we’ll only recommend services that are likely to deliver more leads, more conversions, and more customers coming through your doors. Your playbook will focus on steady, sustainable, linear growth for your business, driven by a thoughtful marketing strategy.