About Us

LocalPointer.com specializes in Local SEO, Local Advertising, and Online Review Management to boost local business visibility. Our brand and mascot come from our founder’s German Short-Haired Pointer, “Scout”.

LocalPointer aims to improve your business’s online presence and connect you more effectively with your community, mirroring the commitment and precision Scout represents.

Local Pointer logo

Local Pointer’s services are powered by Bradford Strategies, Digital Marketing.  By focusing its extensive digital marketing expertise on a targeted local approach, LocalPointer.com aims to elevate local businesses in their markets.

This strategic alignment allows us to streamline digital marketing solutions, making them more accessible to local businesses seeking growth.

Core Attributes

A Paws On Approach

Local Pointer, stands out as a motivated and reliable digital marketing agency, highly adept at navigating the complex landscape of local online marketing and driving success for local businesses.

We know, the whole dog theme has assumed a life of it’s own…

Like an dog trained in obedience, Local Pointer demonstrates a deep understanding of digital marketing strategies and follows industry best practices diligently, ensuring effective campaign management.

Mirroring a well-socialized dog’s ability to interact, Local Pointer excels in fostering and maintaining positive relationships with clients, by understanding their unique needs and preferences.

Mirroring a dog’s attentiveness, Local Pointer maintains a laser-focused approach to each project, ensuring that client objectives are met without getting sidetracked by irrelevant trends or tactics.

Local Pointer, akin to a calm and self-controlled dog, provides a stable and reliable service, managing digital marketing campaigns efficiently even in the rapidly changing online environment.

Just as expert dogs love to solve complex problems, Local Pointer exhibits strong problem-solving skills, offering innovative solutions tailored to each client’s marketing challenges.

Reflecting a dog’s adaptability, Local Pointer swiftly adapts to changes in digital marketing trends, ensuring that clients’ marketing strategies remain effective and relevant.

Local Pointer approaches each project with confidence, backed by a team of experienced professionals, much like the confidence exhibited by a well-trained dog.

Parallel to a physically fit dog in specialized roles, Local Pointer boasts high technical proficiency with the tools and platforms, crucial for executing effective campaigns.

Just as expert dogs have specialized skills, Local Pointer offers specialized services in Local SEO, Review Management, Local PPC and more!

Similar to the bond between a handler and a trained dog, Local Pointer builds strong, trusting relationships with clients, essential for collaborative and successful marketing efforts.